Recycling Old and Junk Cars to Save the Planet, Here’s How!

Recycling Old and Junk Cars to Save the Planet, Here’s How!

Did you know that the global car recycling industry is one of the biggest in the world and that is it also extremely beneficial to our planet?

Nearly 27 million vehicles are recycled across the globe and 95% of end-of-life vehicles get recycled every year.

Automobile recycling has grown in popularity because it betters the environment and lessens our carbon footprint.

But you my be wondering who is buying all of these “clunker” cars and why?

The answer is: scrap metal.

Of those vehicles that are recycled, over 80% of the materials are reusable for other things.

Scrap metal is one of the most accessible materials to recycle.

Whether it’s non-ferrous metal, like aluminum or ferrous metal like steel, the process for recycling is pretty much the same.

The metals must undergo sorting, shredding, melting, and inspections. They then get molded into blocks or sheets before they move on to their next stage.

Doors, door handles, side mirrors, headlight bezels, steel wheels, genders, and aluminum rims are all examples of metal parts that recycling facilities can melt down and turn into something else.

The exciting thing about metal is that it’s durable and robust enough to get reused time and time again without losing its strength.

Because cars of made of metal and other recyclable material, companies like Cash4Clunkers purchase these cars for cash and turn around and sell the scraps.

Recycling of these scraps and reusing them is a great way to preserve resources.

Another way that recycled cars helps save the plant is through the removal of oils and batteries.

When an old clunker car just sits in a backyard or a lot for too long, those liquids begin to leak and leach into water and soil sources. It’s pertinent to extract those oils when recycling automobiles otherwise they just end up in the ground.

And did you know that oil never wears out? It only gets dirty so collection centers and auto shops recycle oil all the time.

Lastly, glass and tires are also recyclable too!

Pile Of Cracked Car Windshield - Recycling Old and Junk Cars to Save the Planet, Here's How!

Automotive glass gets transformed into a all sorts of things like concrete blocks, glass bottles, floor tiles, counters and more.

Believe it or not, the door of your old car could easily end up being a can of beans in only a couple of months.

So if you have a junk car just sitting around, you may consider recycling it!

You will do more for the planet by recycling the car than just letting it sit there and rot away.

The automobile recycling industry is enormous. It adds billions of dollars to the United States’ GDP every year.

It also employs hundreds of thousands of people and should create hundreds of thousands more new jobs over the next few years.

No matter where you live, you can make sure that your junk car gets recycled.

When you sell your car to a reputable junk car buyer, they won’t tear it to shreds. They’ll take your old ride apart carefully to make use of as much of it as possible.

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