3 Easy Ways to Improve Public Spaces

3 Easy Ways to Improve Public Spaces

Public spaces are very important in a community. In a way, public spaces are what people first see when they enter your community. If it is not inviting and attractive, tourists might want to go there.

Tourists aside though, the citizens of the community have the most to gain from having a great public space. A good public space allows for people to come together and reap the benefits of being an engaged community.  It creates a safe space that people can participate and even relax in.

Here are three ways that each community can improve public spaces.


Having activities in your public space makes it a destination. People will flock to your public space when there are things to do there. These include simple things like walking, cycling, having a picnic, having a place to just drink, eat, and work.

Apart from these simple activities, it would also be alright to organize events that people can support and go to.

You can also open shops, restaurants, and cafes there, as well as activity centers like roller rinks, fairs, and festivals.

Be Diverse

This point takes off from the previous point. While activities are great to have, it is also important to keep in mind that if the activities are all the same, people tend to get bored.

Ensure that the activities you have in your public space are diverse enough to keep people interested.

Make it Accessible

Your public space could have the most vibrant greenery around it. It could have the most historically amazing architecture. All of this wouldn’t matter if people couldn’t get to it in the first place. Accessibility is key.

Make sure that pedestrians and cyclists have a clear path going to your public space. Is your public space in the route of your public transportation?

If you could have designated parking spots or a parking building nearby, that would be really good for people who would want to visit.

The bottom line is that the more alternatives you can have for accessibility to your public space, the better. No parking spots? No problem. There is a walking path that connects to a garage though.

Apart from getting there, the entrances and exits must be easy to find and use. It might pay to plan out the area of your public spaces and make sure that the routes, entrances, exits, and whatever else is there is laid out logically.

Also, don’t forget the people with disabilities. Make sure you think of them when setting up a public space. Make it easy for them to enter, exit, and use the facilities too.

Finding more ways to improve your public space can better your chances of drawing in more people and engaging communities. We here at Greener World are constantly trying to improve our public spaces as well.

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