Increase Community Engagement with These 3 Simple Tips

Increase Community Engagement with These 3 Simple Tips

At Greener World, we could not have kept up our operations, projects, and activities without the help of the community that volunteered and gave their time and effort.

Community engagement is important in rallying together people under a specific cause or goal. In our case, it was improving our local area. You can imagine how hard it would have been to reach our goals when the people within the community are not engaged or don’t care.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are three simple tips that will help you increase community engagement.

Keep Your Group Visible

1 - Increase Community Engagement with These 3 Simple Tips

The first is step is to obviously create a goal or cause that people can rally behind. Afterwards though, you must keep the group visible and make it easy for people to find it.

You could have the greatest or most noble goal in the world. If people can’t find your group, it wouldn’t matter.

Good organizations can are visible from multiple areas. You can put up posters, make magazines that you give out, have social media pages, and even just word of mouth is important.

As long the as your group is visible, likeminded individuals will be able find it and join.

The content you place in these avenues is also important. If it is relevant enough, it will engage the community.


2 - Increase Community Engagement with These 3 Simple Tips

It is important to get the right members of the group. The right people in the right roles can be just the thing to further your cause.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Be careful not to ignore your community. Interact with the members. Talk to them and get their opinions. Listen to their concerns. The fact that you are interacting with them already shows them that you are on the same level and working towards the same goal.

These will do wonders for the morale of the community, engaging them more in the process.

Communicate the Impact and Revise

3 - Increase Community Engagement with These 3 Simple Tips

Once actions and activities have been done, don’t forget to communicate the effect of your actions to people.

When doing so, get into the specifics. Tell the people how their efforts affected people, how many were affected, and how the environment changed. You should be as clear as possible so the community understands what they did and its effect.

Afterwards, it is important to get back to the drawing board. Start planning again with the community. Revise your initial actions so that you can make an even bigger impact moving forward.

When you and your community are in the same page, and they feel like they are making a difference, you can be sure that they will be engaged.

Increasing community engagement is key to reaching your organization’s goals. No man is an island, they say. That is why we must engage the community, because we can only make a difference together.

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