3 Reasons Why A Sustainable City is Important

3 Reasons Why A Sustainable City is Important

Sustainability. Most people often hear this term and categorize it as automatically good. They aren’t wrong. However, they don’t know understand why it is important.

In this article, we’ll explain why sustainability is important for a city. The reasons here were taken from an article directed towards the United Nations, urging them to make city sustainability one of their goals moving forward.

From this general information, we can take these and apply them to our own smaller cities, like us at Greener World.

Without further ado, here are three reasons why a sustainable city is important.

Population Growth

The current population of the whole planet Earth is nearing eight billion. Every year, as many as 60 million people are adding to a city’s population. More than half of the population are currently living in cities.

As the years go on, more cities will need to be built to accommodate the population growth. These growing number of people also need opportunities that will allow them to make a living. Not to mention that there also needs to be a stable economy in place that takes into consideration the increasing and retiring population.

The right plans must be set in place for this expansion, as success is dependent on it.

Reducing Prejudice

In today’s world, there is still some prejudice against certain ethnicities and religions. There is also hate and widespread violence for a number (or lack of) reasons.

An urbanized and sustainable city will not only allow for economic development. It can also lead to a platform that brings together diverse people and will eventually lead to acceptance.

With the growing number of people in the world, it is becoming harder and harder to stay closed-minded and lock one’s self away from people and ideologies that they don’t like. There is no escaping it.

Of course this isn’t an automatic thing. Just like the first point, good planning needs to happen right now.

Gathering the Right Data

Everybody wants to live in a good city. However, there are currently no statistics, metrics, or guidelines to really make this happen through the frame of sustainability.

This is a good reason why sustainability should be a goal by cities and by the United Nations. In making this a clear supported goal, people and organizations can make an effort to understand and create these metrics.

Creating more sustainable areas will allow us to gather the right data we need to replicate these efforts in all the cities of the world.

The importance of sustainability extends farther than these reasons. The bottom line is that sustainability is important to a city. We hope you join us to ensure that not just the local area but more areas around the world will become sustainable.

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