The Top 3 Benefits of Community Engagement

The Top 3 Benefits of Community Engagement

Greener World has a mission to increase community engagement in communities far and wide. While it sounds good, most people don’t know what community engagement actually does and its benefits.

Not to worry, we got you. Here are the top three benefits of having an engaged community.

Opinions and Feedback

Getting the opinion and feedback of whatever community you are in is vital to the longevity and success of your goal or project. Oftentimes, people’s feedbacks are valid and should be heard and taken into account.

This is especially true when it is with the people who directly use or benefit from your project.

However, think about what kind of opinions and feedback you’d get if the community wasn’t engaged. Would they be valid at all? If the community were totally engaged, you can be sure that these community members have invested themselves in your project. This will lead them to giving better feedback that may help you.

Community engagement is not only about providing information. It is also a way for the community to reach out and offer you their ideas and opinions.


This specific benefit is for the community itself. When a community is engaged and invested into whatever project, they have a sense of ownership with it.

If you couple an engaged community with the previous point – listening to their opinions and feedback – this gives the people a sense of power in decision making.

This is a key factor to having a successful project as the community will feel like they had a hand in what the outcome was, even though some people might not agree with it.

Improve Skills and Knowledge

Having an engaged community is a big opportunity for the people within it to improve their skills. If they join your project, they may be put into situations that they are not used to. If they are though, all the better. The bottom line is that people’s skills will increase.

The same could also be said for knowledge. Chances are that your project or role, like ours at Greener World, is directed at making changes around the community as well local governance.

Due to the nature of our project and goal, the members who join and are involved will find out what it takes to make big changes for the community and how things work.

Finally, work and engagement in these types of projects and goals is always good for experience.

These are only a few benefits of community engagement. How ever you look at it, an engaged community is good for you and the people who join.

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